WordBox for Palm WebOS (Pre/Pixi)

WordBox is an addicting word puzzle game. The aim is to find words by connecting three or more adjacent letters on a 4x4 board within a time limit. If you get stuck, do not worry. The hint button will come to your rescue. WordBox comes in 2 flavors:

WordBox Free, comes with 45 game boards (15 per each difficulty level).

WordBox full, comes with 1000's of game boards and it has online multiplayer support. In multiplayer mode, you compete with other online players in real-time. A live scoreboard displays the score of each player. The player who achieves the highest score within a time limit wins the game.


  • More than 8000 words dictionary.
  • 1000's of boards in single player mode (full version).
  • Online Live Multiplayer mode (full version).
  • Hint Button