Although we try to make the software reasonably bullet proof and test each release thoroughly with a group of testers across many devices, we do *not* guarantee it will work as described for any given user on any given device. This is not a full time pursuit, and rather than charge a lot of money for support, we offer the software very inexpensively. So understand that by downloading or using KalemSoft software, you are at your own risk. If you lose your files, you are on your own. Use Hotsync to backup your data regularly. We can't be held responsible for any data or hardware damage and you use this software at ENTIRELY YOUR OWN RISK. NO WARRANTY IS IMPLIED OR OFFERED. We reserve the right to change the disclaimer at will.

PALM is a registered trademark of PALM One; PALMOS is a registered trademark of PALM Source. All other trademarks are property of their respective holders.

Please note that you are allowed to use the registered product on one device only. A license can be transfered to another device with the same OS only. In other words, no cross-platform transfers (such as from Android to WebOS) are allowed. Any software downloaded from this website after it is activated is not refundable.

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